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Modernise your business processes with Avanteam, BPM solution.

Manage your business processes with Avanteam's BPM solution

Does your company spend time managing paper files, filling in Excel files or sharing emails to manage their business?

Save time and automate your business processes, documents and tasks with Avanteam's "Process Studio": validate a supplier invoice associated with an order entered in your ERP or process a customer complaint linked to a customer file in your CRM will now be possible from anywhere by connecting to your collaborative portal.


Save time by modernising your business processes with Avanteam

Automate your business processes

Purchasing, supplier invoices, quality, human resources, legal processes, customer service, correspondence, automate your processes by choosing an existing Avanteam partner business application or create your own to suit your precise needs.

Avoid expensive developments

Avanteam's solution is a tool used by both business decision makers and technical developers. Thanks to its visual and intuitive interface, you can develop scalable business applications, at your own pace and without additional development costs, if your organisation changes or if the functional requirements of users evolve. 

Provide quick and contextual access to information

Your users will be able to access their documents, reports and any other useful data at any time and quickly via this collaborative portal.
It is a guarantee of time to have the right information quickly in order to make the best decision.

Access information from your mobile

Your users will be able to access all their data quickly and securely from their mobile phones with Avanteam Mobile, from any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device. They can also enter data on the move, even when offline.

Design business applications simply with Avanteam.

Avanteam's solution combines the power of the BPMN standard with the ease of an application builder so you can easily design and deploy business applications.

  • Simple and graphical modelling of forms and workflows
  • One-click generation of the target application
  • Rapid integration of ERP, DBMS, directories and messaging systems
  • Customisable access portal
  • Usable from any device: desktop and mobile

Avoid heavy and costly developments with Avanteam

Complementary to your ERP, Process Studio, thanks to its flexibility, will allow you to develop your own applications .

Avanteam's BPM solution is compatible with the main ERP and CRM software on the market: Cegid, Sage, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, etc. This ensures that you can centralise all the documents and processes of your customers, employees and suppliers.


Are you interested in Avanteam? 

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