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Box: simplify the way you work

Centralise your documents, choose BOX as your EDM and Cloud solution

Centralise your sensitive files in the cloud in complete security 

Store your business data in a secure cloud.
With intelligent cyber-attack detection, security controls, and total information centralisation, your data is stored in a protected space.

Red hat - cloud

Strict confidentiality of data

Location of data storage 

Compliance in the sector

Adopt a secure centralized cloud space with Box

Your employees need to have a unified vision of your company, as do your partners and suppliers. Box offers you EDM tools, a centralised space in which you can share your files, company data including rights management and all this in a secure manner. 

Simplify workflow and validation

Managing processes manually is time-consuming and wastes a lot of time. BOX makes it easy to automate recurring processes used in your company, such as onboarding, contract management and digital asset management.
Use your time for more important things than managing processes.

Integrate applications with Box

Box allows you to secure your content, you will see the effectiveness of your cutting edge tools increase tenfold.

Box offers you the opportunity to integrate over 1,500 of the most popular applications on the market, giving you many ways to transform the way you work.

Are you interested in Box? 

The Nova Group as a BOX reseller can support you.

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