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HCL Software offers a catalogue of collaborative software for businesses.

HCL Software has today an offer oriented on 4 axes.

HCL Software, an Indian company part of HCL Technologies, offers a catalogue of software for companies. HCL Software and The Nova Group will support you in your projects.

Digital solutions

This activity stems from the acquisition of certain IBM software. This includes :

  • Secure messaging solutions with HCL Notes and HCL Verse.
  • Application development with HCL Domino. Based on this experience, new products have been developed to create applications very quickly: HCL Volt ,HCL Volt MX, HCL Volt Business.
  • Collaborative spaces with HCL Connections.
  • Instant messaging with HCL Sametime and HCL Sametime Premium.
  • Mobile synchronisation tools with HCL Nomad and HCL Traveler.
  • Extranet / intranet / internet sites with HCL Portal.
  • Form and workflow management with HCL Leap.


One of the activities of HCL Technologies is the development of software forthird parties.
From this activity, a DevOPS offer is available: HCL OneTest, HCL Workload Automation, HCL Accelerate.

Digital Marketing

The acquisition of IBM's leading digital marketing product provides a complete marketing offering:

  • Outbound and InboundMarketing Automation with HCL Unica
  • Online sales management (customers, orders, etc.) with HCL Commerce. 


Through tools such as HCL BigFix, HCL offers a complete endpoint management solution. Security is also about applications. HCL Appscan allows you to analyze your applications to prevent security breaches.

The Nova Group can help you with HCL solutions.

HCL Software invests heavily in its portfolio. Its objective is to release a major product version every year. The customer's needs are at the heart of the roadmap construction. An HCL Advocate program is there to help you and understand you, The Nova Group can accompany you in this program.

The Nova Group, a French player and main HCL partner, can assist you in the supply of software, consulting and integration.

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