HCL Domino: application development

15 000

10 million
applications built in Domino

return on investment

reduction in PTC

Quickly solve workflow problems
and processes with HCL Domino 

From low-code to pro-code, Domino is the only rapid application development platform you need. 

What's new with Domino v11

From new mobile app features to enterprise authentication to a new low-code app builder called Domino Volt, find out why you should upgrade to Domino v11.

Develop your mobile applications effortlessly with HCL Nomad

Create applications 60-70% faster with HCL Domino Volt
Simplify Microsoft 365 integration with active directory synchronisation.
HCL Domino

Develop your applications with HCL Domino VOLT

Develop your applications in low code with Domino Volt, which does not require technical IT skills.
You can create applications to solve any business problem.

Are you interested in HCL Domino?

The Nova Group will accompany and advise you in order to create your applications quickly.

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