HCL Unica : Automation of your marketing actions 

HCL Unica: a platform for automating your marketing activities

HCL Unica, created by marketers and artificial intelligence specialists, enablesmarketing automation across a wide variety of outbound and inbound channels : postal mail, email, website, call centre, mobile IVR, ATM, kiosk, point of sale and more.

HCL Unica is an integrated platform that provides full flexibility, scalable power, and seamless and easy integration with third-party Martech solutions.
Unica is a native, premises-agnostic cloud computing platform that can be deployed via the Docker framework or natively. 

The main advantages of HCL Unica

Improve customer experience and campaign flexibility
Universally connect your customers' data wherever they are and in any format
Increase the effectiveness of marketing actions through in-depth
customer segmentation and real-time personalisation
Deploy in minutes with the Cloud Native Platform and upgrade in hours anywhere

In concrete terms, HCL Unica offers you 7 features. 

CAMPAIGN: Precise targeting of customers

Precisely target your customers with the solution's powerful segmentation capabilities for both sending and tracking marketing campaigns, whether via outbound, multi-channel or batch channels.

OPTIMIZE: Optimising contacts for offers and channels

Quickly determine the most effectivecontact strategyfor each customer based on their lifecycle, offers, channels used and different marketing campaigns generated. 

INTERACT: Real-time customisation in milliseconds

Personalise the user experiencein real time by choosing the action that most engages them across the different channels they use: website, call centre, shops, ATMs, kiosks and more.

PLAN: Marketing management at the enterprise level

Optimise the management of your marketing resources by compiling the planning, execution and end-to-end management of your marketing initiatives in a single collaborative space.

JOURNEY: Goal-based marketing

Analyse, create and measure personalised customer experiences for omnichannel customers based on objectives.

DELIVER: Reliable and scalable messaging

Use a messaging solution that allows for personalised and timed communications and is seamlessly integrated.

LINK: Fast and flexible integration platform

Integrate your contact points and third-party applicationsin low code

Are you interested in HCL Unica?

The Nova Group will support and advise you in optimising your marketing campaigns.

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