Low code applications with HCL Volt MX

Create high quality, low cost applications for everyone quickly with low code technology.

HCL Volt MX: low code development platform

Volt MX is a low-code application development platform. It enables developers, digital designers or IS architects to quickly create consumer applications.

HCL Volt Mix - low code application development

The main advantages of low code development

Build once, deploy everywhere

From native mobile to PWAs to wearables, build once and deploy any application, anywhere, on a cloud native platform. 

Reduce development time by 60%.

Save time by removing back-end complexity by easily unlocking existing data and business processes

Engaging with innovation

Integrate new features such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and voice chat. Easily add your choice of virtual elements, AI and NLP engines.

HCL Volt Mx allows unlimited low-code integrations

With rapid unlocking of your existing data and business processes and our secure integration capabilities, HCL Volt Mx enables developers to develop applications faster with cross-channel deployment through 3 tools: 

  • Iris: Low code development environment
  • Flare: Multi-channel widget library and API
  • Foundry: Secure adapters for the application backend
HCL Volt Mix - multi-channel application development

Unified deployment across all channels with HCL Volt Mx

No need for one team of ISO developers, another for Android, you manage a single code base and then deploy to any mobile device - including mobile and kiosk devices - while having a UX-optimised interface on every channel.   

The integration of new innovations with HCL Volt Mx.

Easily develop applications with emerging features with HCL Volt Mx: in-store wayfinding, intelligent chatbots, VR, AR and wearables, and more.

Improve the user experience and stay ahead of your competitors. These innovative technologies help keep your users using the application.

HCL Volt Mix - augmented reality application development

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