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A complete range of equipment for better remote collaboration

Neat enhances the video conferencing experience to meet changing work patterns

Simple installation

All-in-one formats for easy installation

Video optimisation 

Multiple individual framing with AI 

Flawless audio performance

High-level audio performance with capture and playback

Sharing of screens

Reservation and control screens

Environmental analysis of rooms

Counting of participants, CO2/VOC, temperature, and humidity

What Zoom and Microsoft Teams did for meetings, Neat does for meeting facilities

Have clearer remote meetings with the equipment that makes a difference. Neat tools allow you to achieve more natural digital communication, and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

  • Neat devices are easy to use and allow you to enjoy closer meetings in a wide range of small, medium and large spaces.
  • Neat brings the physical and virtual closer together, helping professionals engage with video more naturally than ever before.
  • Reduce the complexity and clutter of shared spaces for more enjoyable experiences.
Neat meeting

Focus on what matters

Technology cannot replace face-to-face meetings, but Neat makes it easier to concentrate during your video conferences and to understand each other better thanks to ever more expressive virtual meetings.

  • Neat Symmetry presents everyone in the meeting room equally.
  • Neat devices allow you to stand up, stretch or walk, knowing that you are always fully seen and heard.
  • Neat Boundary eliminates the possibility of being distracted by other activities going on around you.

Enjoy smooth digital exchanges

Effective communication is complex. Neat has thought of every detail in the design of its equipment to guarantee the most authentic exchanges possible

  • Natural conversation: if two people speak simultaneously, neither of their voices will sound muffled, which means that anyone can make a comment in heated debates
  • Clarity: Audio processing also removes unwanted noise outside the view of your camera.
  • Don'twaste time: Neat devices automatically wake up as soon as you enter the room. With a simple touch, you can share your screen wirelessly or start a meeting while the camera automatically frames you and follows you instinctively.
  • Workplace analytics: Neat Sense provides accurate, real-time room analytics for healthier, safer and more profitable meeting spaces.

Why choose Neat?

Easy to set up and use

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Dramatically improve your video conferencing

Affordable prices

Are you interested in Neat? 

As a Neat reseller, the Nova Group can help you choose your videoconferencing tools.

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