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SOTI MobiControl: Manage your enterprise mobility (EMM)

Manage your company's mobility with the SOTI MobiControl EMM solution

Perhaps you are responsible for managing tablets in a retail environment or handheld scanners in a transport and logistics warehouse or rugged devices for field operations? 

Whatever your industry, SOTI MobiControl meets your needs around Enterprise Mobility (EMM). Control and secure your fleet of mobile devices and IoT terminals, from deployment to decommissioning. 

An EMM for all operating systems.

SOTI MobiControl is compatible with all operating systems: 



Ios and macOs


Powerful EMM features to secure and optimise your employees' work


Application and data delivery to devices is 10 times faster with SOTI XTreme Technology.


Allowing only business-critical applications to be installed will increase employee productivity and block malware or other malicious code from being downloaded.

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Virtual guarding

Access to certain features may be conditional on the devices being in a specific virtual area.

SOTI MobiControl - EMM - guarding

Remote release

The ability to remotely connect to your device so that, in the event of a breakdown or problem with the device, you can analyse the problems and resolve them quickly.

SOTI MobiControl - EMM

SOTI MobiControl meets all your mobility needs

Be aware of and solve small problems before they become big ones.

With the SOTI MobiControl EMM you will be able to :

  • Make proactive decisions to optimise device performance by looking at network access, for example.
  • Quickly deploy usefulapplications to your remote employees
  • No more downtime that cripples your business
  • Significantly reduce security risks, including data theft
  • Stop the complex procedures of deployment, enrolment and procurement of devices

SOTI's EMM provides security on 3 levels

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

SOTI MobiControl adapts to Apple VPP and Google Play and ensures that the right applications are available to authorised employees at the right time.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Access to files and certain websites is also managed by the application to control the sharing and downloading of company data. 

Mobile Identity Management (MIM)

The control and management of user rights to read, write and modify is also managed by the solution.  

Are you interested in Soti MobiControl solutions? 

The Nova Group supports you in managing your company's mobility.

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