VadeSecure, your secure messaging system 

VadeSecure, opt for a secure messaging system

Protect yourself from computer threats with VadeSecure Cloud. It is a simple solution to set up with few settings for Microsoft 365 users.
Based on Artificial Intelligence associated with heuristic filtering, Vade Secure Cloud guarantees you optimal security against cyber attacks, with real-time updates.

The Nova Group, as a reseller, will support you.

World leader in predictive messaging defence

1 billion mailboxes protected

Patented machine learning models

Opt for a secure and efficient messaging system

360° email protection

The mailbox is secured against all cyber attacks such as phishing, malware, spear-phishing and spam.

The Vade Secure solution automatically classifies emails. You have the possibility to unsubscribe in 1 click to those deemed non-priority.

Inbound and outbound filtering

Your outgoing emails are also scanned. The aim is to identify botnet infections and block spamming to maintain a clean IP reputation.

Predictive technologies

Vade Secure also detects known, unknown and polymorphic threats via multi-layer analyses that focus consecutively on the origin, content and context of the email. Thus, threats are stopped in "zero-hour" from the first version of the email.

Continuous protection

The filter is updated every minute to ensure continuous protection.

Vade Secure Cloud guarantees, among other things, the high availabilitý of your messaging (SLA 99.99% - 24/7; GTR 2H; support with 1h response guarantee) and 5 days of SMTP retention in case of network outage.

The information flow is securely stored in the cloud, so updates to the cloud have no impact on the email flow.

24/7 premium support

You can contact our experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs. They are available by phone, web and email.

Protect your email in an innovative way with Vade Secure Cloud 

Origin analysis

The first action carried out by Vade Secure Cloud consists in filtering emails according to their origin by analysing the content of the email and the header information. This technique makes it possible tofilter out malicious emails and blocks mass attacksin particular.

Content analysis

The analysis then continues with the exploration of the content of attachments and the behaviour of URLs (regardless of language) in order to detect the presence of malicious code.
The aim is to counter more advanced attacks, for example the installation of malware or code aimed at harvesting personal data.

Contextual analysis

The last step complements the classic protection techniques. Vade Secure also analyses the behaviour and context of the email as a whole. This technique allows to block threats in a predictive way by identifying anomalies. 

Use AI to protect your Office 365 email

Vade Secure is the only native email protection solution using artificial intelligence for Office 365 .

Microsoft EOP and ATP are not enough to protect you from all cyber attacks.
Vade Secure for Office 365 completes your email security by neutralizing targeted threats with its AI-based predictive system. 

Vade secure - secure messaging with artificial intelligence

Are you interested in this solution? 

As a reseller of Secure Vade, Nova Group will accompany you and advise you on securing your messaging system.

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