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Protect your data the smart way with Veeam Platform

The Veeam Platform allows you to protect all your data across multiple environments.

Manage and secure your data across cloud, virtual, Kubernetes, SaaS and physical environments with a variety of features:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Supervision and analysis
  • Mobility Cloud
  • Disaster recovery orchestration
  • Reuse of data

Back up and restore safely

The flagship feature "Veeam Backup & Replication" allows you to :

  • Back up your data quickly across all your environments
  • Restore your data immediately without downtime
  • Ensure strong security with near-zero RPO and RTP thanks to its scalability.
backup of computer data veeam

Easily analyse your data

With artificial intelligence, you'll quickly identify common issues and threats, ensuring you can anticipate threats for better protection.

Protect against ransomware with enhanced backups and monitor risk with built-in compliance analytics and reporting tools.

veeam platform - reporting

Opt for the cloud

You will be able to back up and archive in the cloud, change clouds if needed without cost and reduce your storage costs.

Use native backups and restores in AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

veeam cloud

Manage business recovery

Automate recovery plans, documentation and testing to ensure business continuity.
Reduce downtime and the risk of data loss. 

veeam RPA

Reuse data

Through data mining and analysis, discover new opportunities for innovation, securely test your applications before restoring them, and implement application testing in protected environments.

Veeam test

Are you interested in the Veeam solution? 

The Nova Group, as a reseller of Veeam Platform, will support you in the implementation of this solution. 

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