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Choose a collaborative workspace with VMWare

Opt for a complete, intuitive and secure collaborative space

In an age of telecommuting, it's increasingly important that your employees haveseamless and secure accesstocorporate resources.

Discover the VMWare platform that breaks down traditional IT silos with a simple and intuitive user interface.


Centralise your IT data via the Cloud

No more IT silos where everyone has access to a different space, opt for a complete cloud-based workspace platform and securely centralise your data.

Customise the collaborative space to your needs

The VMWare collaboration space is flexible. You can manage access to applications, data and terminals according to your employees' needs.

Secure your data

Access is managed by a Zero Trust approach that strictly verifies the identity of the owner of the device with which it connects. With this technology, you automate corrective actions and secure access to company data.

Are you interested in the VMWare solution? 

As a VMWare reseller, the Nova Group can help you implement this solution. 

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