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EDM or electronic document management is a computer system used tomanage digital documents. What are EDM solutions and what are their advantages? Find out here!

The system is integrated with the company's EDM software and is generally used as an application for smartphones and tablets. EDM can perform digital processing of paper documents or unrealistic processing of associated business processes. Electronic document management uses tools and functions to manage all stages of the digital document life cycle:

  • Create or obtain files (e.g. scanning)
  • Storage, indexing and organisation of electronic documents
  • Managing the security of electronic filedata
  • Search, consultelectronic documentsand exchange information

The documents are archived electronically during the retention period.

Electronic document management (EDM) process

EDM refers to all digital processes related to the electronic management of document flows. The needs and obligations of businesses with regard to digital files are the same as for paper documents. The configuration of electronic document management can override the business processes related to digital documents. 

EDM is responsible for the management of documents and their contents when scanning paper documents or creating electronic documents and for the entire legal retention period. Therefore, the software has the following functions:

  • Scan or create documents
  • Its system index and classification
  • Research on its content and internal consultation
  • Its dissemination (electronic data interchange EDI, e-mail, etc.)
  • Use an electronic archiving system that meets legal requirements
  • Management of all versions

EDM software

By using EDM software, electronic document management can be carried out. It is the software that will enable the implementation of the necessary functions and systems within the same tool. With an attractive interface and a smartphone application, EDM software simplifies employee access to company files. It also allows you to analyse document flow and automate certain repetitive tasks, such as checking supplier invoices.

What is the purpose of EDM software? 

EDM (Electronic Document Management) enables the digitisation, indexing, searching, distribution and archiving of documents. It aims to use easy-to-use tools to make the company's business processes unrealistic. EDM can also reduce the use of paper and even reach the goal of zero paper.

What is an enterprise EDM?

Digitisation of paper documents is sometimes necessary for companies (e-work, information exchange). But electronic documents require complete management: file organisation, content protection, etc. By implementing the EDM project, the company can optimise file management (scanning, sorting, archiving, etc.) while ensuring the legality of the files. Thanks to EDM software with an intuitive interface, EDM solutions facilitate the search, storage and exchange of literature. Company data and content can be accessed 24 hours a day in the cloud on a PC, tablet or smartphone. 


The interface can also be linked to various business software applications in the company. For example, after storing the contents of a supplier invoice in one application, it is immediately communicated to the accounting software. Afterwards, it can also be used as a unique library of administrative documents.

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What are the benefits of EDM?

Compared to traditional document management, the implementation of EDM solutions has many advantages. It can significantly save the printing, distribution and archiving of paper documents. In addition, the automation of certain business processes and convenient document retrieval can save a lot of time. 

The company's employees can focus on work that adds value. In addition, EDM is responsible for giving digital documents the same legal value as their original paper documents. This makes it easier to find information on URSSAF or tax requirements. Finally, due to the reduction of paper, dematerialisation and the use of EDM tools have a considerable environmental impact.

Why do you want to carry out the GED project?

The EDM configuration allows documents to be stored, classified and archived in the same software. As a result, the EDM project can improve document retrieval, document management and tracking throughout the document life cycle, as well as the work efficiency of the company's employees.

Reasons for creating a DMS:

There are many reasons why organisations (businesses, communities) are interested in creating EDMs. Cost savings can stimulate enthusiasm for using electronic systems to manage documents and data. The costs associated with paper management (printing, archiving, consulting) can be very high. 

Another reason to use EDM solutions is to save time by automating certain processes (such as sharing customer invoices with the accounting department).

The dematerialisation of documents and business processes also promotes teamwork, internal communication and professional mobility. Based on file types and document searches, digital archiving allows legal retention periods to be met.

EDM Solutions

Expected benefits from the implementation of the EDM

When companies choose to implement ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions, they expect certain benefits. Here is a comprehensive list of the benefits of ECM:

  • Improve the traceability of documents;
  • Strengthen control of information acquisition;
  • Speed up business processes (reduce processing time);
  • Facilitate useraccess to data;
  • Reduce papercosts (printing, archiving, mailing);
  • Several departments can process the same document at the same time;
  • The fluidity of information exchanges.

The use of EDM software can also give documents the same legal value as documents. It can also reduce the company's environmental footprint.

How does EDM work?

The work of EDM is divided into 4 stages:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Storage space
  3. Management
  4. Distribute corporate documents and data.

These processes use different solutions, depending on the nature of the software and the DMS documentation.


Collecting files and data (acquisition)

To integrate electronic documents into an EDM computer system, there are several possibilities. This may involve eliminating paper documents by scanning or creating original digital documents. It is also possible to integrate existing documents created internally or sent by employees via computer exchanges.


Store and archive content in EDM

Then, the EDM software manages the online storage and archiving of files according to the type of document (content, quantity, legal retention period). Ensuring the security of information throughout the process.


EDM operations related to file management

In terms of document management, EDM has many advantages. It is responsible for archiving and indexing documents in order to facilitate document research for users and improve staff efficiency. Electronic document management also enables the implementation of other EDM tools and solutions: automation of workflows, sending data to accounting software, etc.


Data dissemination and information sharing

A comprehensive EDM project can simplify the sharing of information between employees. Companies can also email files directly through the online platform, and even have the supplier send a letter to their location.

How to set up an EDM?

To set up EDM, you need to determine your document management requirements and business objectives. We then test the selected EDM solution for a specific department and make adjustments before implementing the final EDM tool.

Define your EDM project according to your business needs

Before setting up an ECM (Enterprise Content Management), it is important to determine the company's needs regarding :

  • The quantity and nature of electronic documents: customer invoices, contracts;
  • File storage: importing files, scanning paper files
  • Archiving and indexing of documents: document search, automatic workflow;
  • Document management: access, modification, monitoring, exchange between users and filing authorisations.

If you want to use the services of a document management software company, you can request a review. In this way, you can familiarise yourself with the existing functions and design a coherent EDM system. The required document flow management and the digital environment of the organisation are part of the data considered.

Implementing an adapted EDM

On the basis of the data collected during the dematerialisation project and the expected benefits of electronic document management, a test period can be started for the service. It will be possible to measure the impact of this change on information processing and business processes.

Then we can adjust the exact content of the EDM software and choose a consistent solution to achieve this. This can be a business method (one EDM software per department) or a horizontal system (one EDM tool for the whole company).

How to make a good EDM?

In order to get a good DMS, you need to identify the specific needs of your company and create functionality accordingly. When managing and archiving documents in DMS, it is also essential to ensure good data security.

Create EDM functions according to the user's needs

The solutions implemented in document and process non-implementation projects vary from one company to another. Achieving a good EDM is first and foremost about creating a digital system to address the issues of employees and providing appropriate solutions. Therefore, when creating electronic document management tools, it is important to take into account the work of each department and the opinions of each user. First of all, it is a collaborative effort.

1 3

A good EDM can store, archive, manage document flow or simplify document retrieval. However, the organisation of EDM tools must meet business objectives, such as automating repetitive tasks (e.g. checking invoices) or stopping the storage of paper documents for good.

Ensure data security in document management and archiving.

A good DMS must ensure the security of its content according to the importance of each document. DMS software can use different methods to protect business information: 

According to user management to read, modify or delete document permissions 

Traceability of the documentflow and management of all stages of its life cycle

Seal the document and confirm the author of its content (e.g. electronic signature

Implement e-filing solutions within the legal retention period . In general, the document management software provided by specialist EDM companies can meet all these requirements.

How to choose an EDM software?

To choose EDM software, you need to determine the company's monthly document volume and cancel the functions needed to manage the documents. You also need to choose a vendor that provides scalable EDM software that fits your company's business processes.

EDM Solutions

Assess your document management needs before choosing an EDM software

Before starting to look for electronic document management software, businesses need to understand their different needs. Determine how many electronic and paper documents are processed each month. Based on the data collected, the company should list the EDM tools, services and functions (collaborative work, workflow) that need to be placed.

Once you know your criteria, you can start to rank different EDM vendors that offer suitable solutions. Before choosing an EDM software, it is important to check its compatibility with the IS (Information System).

EDM Solutions

Choose a scalable EDM software that fits your business process

EDM software provides customers with data storage, electronic filing and even simplified document retrieval solutions. Consulting user reviews can sometimes help in choosing a vendor, especially when it comes to customer service. However, it is more important to ensure that EDM tools are tailored to the business processes of the company and its industry.

For example, the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) needs of accounting firms will be different from those of construction companies. In addition, electronic document management is constantly evolving. This is why it is preferable to choose a publisher that offers evolving and regularly updated services when choosing an ECM software.

The use of an EDM

The use of EDM is very simple. Scanning paper documents is done by phone or printer. You can find it via the search bar, then you can use it online, use the built-in EDM tool to share and manage permissions for other users.

Integrate documentation into DMS.

To integrate a paper document into an online EDM tool, you simply take a picture of it with your mobile phone via the application. Using a scanner to dematerialise a document can create a copy with the same legal value as the original document.

Users can directly integrate files created directly in electronic format into the software. The documents are automatically classified by indexing them in the computer system and storing them in the EDM's Electronic Filing System (EFS).

Processing files in EDM

To search for documents, data or information in the EDM software, you can usually justuse the search bar. The use of keywords simplifies the document search. Depending on the software, users can access several tools and solutions. 

This can be a function to automatically organise documents according to their content (quotes, customer invoices). In addition, it is very easy to check the version of the document and to manage user permissions.

Archiving documents with EDM

To search for documents, data or information in the EDM software, you can usually justuse the search bar. The use of keywords simplifies the document search. Depending on the software, users can access several tools and solutions. 

GED is responsible for filing documents according to their precise organisation according to their nature and content. The user of the EDM software only manages the cancellation of the production process and the archiving of the documents in the computer system.

Now you know everything about EDM solutions and their advantages. May this information be useful to you!

If you want to know more about EDM solutions, the Nova Group, as a reseller of the main publishers, can help you.

Want to know more about EDM? 

Download our free white paper "3 TOOLS of the CIO to improve productivity in his company".

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