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In today's world of modern data protection, expectations are higher than ever. Organisations need to be prepared in case a disaster strikes and the company is suddenly cut off from its customers, partners and employees.

Veeam ensures data availability, simple recovery and modern protection.

Veeam: presentation and history

Veeam is a provider of data protection and availability solutions for virtual environments.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ allows you to set the fastest RTOs with flexible deployment options and fast recovery times. It offers built-in deduplication, compression and encryption to save space.

integrated encryption 1
cloud storage

Now included in Veeam Availability Suite™, it leverages a single platform for backup, replication and recovery of physical workloads in public, private or hybrid clouds. And standalone products such as Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows provide protection for business-critical applications running in virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

Veeam was founded in 2006 with the singular mission of helping customers on their journey to the cloud. Veeam has quickly become a leader in providing the fastest, most reliable data recovery in virtual environments. Its solutions are now used by over 400,000 customers worldwide.

cloud storage since 2006

Veeam is widely recognised as a leader in data centre backup and recovery software and virtual machine availability.

Despite the rapid adoption of new technologies - including virtualisation, cloud, big data and mobility - the availability of critical applications and data has not been improved. In fact, it has become more difficult to protect data in today's complex hybrid IT environments.

Traditional backup solutions are complex, expensive and difficult to scale. They are not able to support virtual environments and cloud infrastructures. They lack the basic functionality needed for faster recovery and migration. Most importantly, traditional backup solutions do not meet the needs of today's distributed organisations with multiple sites, branches and remote users.

Veeam® is the modern data protection solutionTM - designed for virtualization and the cloud, but following the same proven principles that have made backup and recovery one of the most important aspects of computing since the very beginning.

Here are the main points on which Veeam's business is based:

  • Cost reduction and high availability for critical business applications.
    Remote data backup for disaster protection.
  • Centralized backup and recovery management for distributed data centres.
  • Fast backup and recovery of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  • Comprehensive protection for single or group Windows workstations and laptops.
  • Protect VMware ESX(i) virtual servers with disk-based snapshots and granular recovery.
  • Complete protection of operating system, network, applications and system settings.

With its leadership in virtualization and cloud backup™, Veeam has changed backup forever by delivering hyper-availability - enabling organizations to experience fast recovery, avoid data loss, verified protection, leveraged data, and complete visibility - all through a fundamentally simple solution optimized for the modern data center.

The data protection market

In an ever-changing world, businesses must be able to cope with increasingly complex backup and recovery requirements. Indeed, we live in a world where access to data is vital to the survival of businesses. While operational processes are fairly well consolidated and industrialised, the same cannot be said for data backup and recovery.


The backup and recovery software market has evolved over the past few years. Businesses, especially SMBs, are faced with the explosion of data volumes being produced and the adoption of new technologies such as hybrid cloud, AI/ML, blockchain and containers.

In the face of these changes, companies have very different needs when it comes to protecting their data: they are looking for quick and easy access to essential functions to improve their productivity, while having the flexibility to extend this solution further if necessary.

Every company, regardless of its size, is subject to continuous risk. It can fall victim to a natural disaster, human error or a cyber attack. But businesses also face the challenge of data growth (big data), data retention (regulation) and the time it takes to restore and recover from a disaster. Not to mention the ever-increasing costs of storage.

Data protection is a growing market and there are many vendors offering different types of solutions to meet the needs of businesses. The challenge is to know which solution to choose.

However, the dynamic nature of cloud and virtual environments makes data protection an ever-evolving challenge: ensuring long-term availability and avoiding revenue loss is necessary to maintain business. Veeam comes into play to meet this need.

As the leading provider of backup solutions that deliver modern data protection, Veeam ensures a single platform for cloud, virtual, SaaS and physical environments, enabling you to use a wide range of enterprise-wide capabilities. With Veeam Backup & Replication™, Veeam ONE™ and the Veeam Availability Suite™ platform, you can achieve an unparalleled level of data reliability.

Veeam's main products

You need a data protection solution that ensures that all your data is always secure, no matter where it is. You need a single solution that protects all your physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads and can scale to meet your rapidly changing business needs.

Veeam ensures the availability of all workloads - virtual, physical and cloud-based from a single management console. Veeam Availability Suite combines the award-winning data protection and virtualization management expertise of Veeam Backup & Replication™ with the advanced monitoring, reporting, capacity planning and optimization capabilities of Veeam ONE™.

Veeam solutions also form the basis of an ecosystem of independent partners (IPS) that offer complete solutions to customers.

The Veeam platform is built on three solutions:

Veeam Backup & Replication™

Veeam Backup & Replication ensures the availability of ALL workloads - cloud, virtual and physical. It provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of all your applications and data, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, Oracle and SAP - or any other business critical application.

Veeam Availability ™

Veeam Availability enables organizations to design, test and execute disaster recovery plans that protect entire business applications - from a single orchestration console. These DR plans can be executed manually or automatically and can include failover to the VMware or Microsoft Azure cloud.

Veeam ONE™

Veeam ONE is a single solution for monitoring the health of your entire IT infrastructure - including backup infrastructure, virtualization infrastructure and the backup environment itself - as well as providing automated reporting to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are met.

To find out if Veeam is the best solution for your organisation or simply to learn more about all the possible solutions for your business, contact us.

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