HCL Bigfix : Always be in compliance 

Get full visibility of your endpoints, regardless of their location, connection, type or status!

Are your terminals still compliant? HCL BigFix allows you to keepfull control over the status of your endpoints.

Keep your endpoints patched and compliant, whether they are in the cloud, virtual, on-premises or connected to the Internet.
HCL Bigfix allows you to manage endpoints without an operating system. It's a way to reduce total cost of ownership and prevent security incidents like WannaCry.

The main advantages of HCL Bigfix

Quick audit of managed and unmanaged terminal assets.
Complete software and hardware inventory for rapid risk identification.
Ongoing compliance with regulatory or organisational safety policies.
Efficient patch management on heterogeneous operating systems.

In concrete terms, HCL Bigfix offers you 5 features. 


Cross-platform patching and automation, software distribution, operating system provisioning, remote monitoring, power management

Reduce your costs, security risks and the complexity of managing all your endpoints: servers, desktops, laptops, point of sale and other devices


Continuous reporting of laws and policies

Ensure compliance with regulatory or organisational security policies by monitoring and enforcing endpoint security configurations.


Complete inventory of software assets for license reconciliation or compliance.

Reduce software expenses and compliance penalties by identifying licensed and unlicensed software on heterogeneous operating systems.


Accelerate risk identification and decision making.

Get a quick report on potential threats with advanced data analysis on traditional on-premises and cloud-based customer devices so executives can decide on next steps quickly.

Modern BigFix customer management

Future-proof management for modern terminals.

Reduce costs and complexity by consolidating multiple vendors with simplified registration and management on Windows 10 and MacOS devices.

Are you interested in HCL BigFix?

The Nova Group will support and advise you so that you are always in compliance.

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