IBM MaaS360: Manage and secure your mobile fleet remotely (EMM)

Configure, secure and control your mobile fleet (EMM) from a single interface with IBM MaaS360

E-mail consultation, access to applications or company servers: new mobile uses have made the management and security of company terminals essential. Our partner IBM's MaaS360 solution addresses all these issues. A leader in the EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) sector, this management solution combines rapid deployment with advanced features.

From a single console, you can :
  • Develop and supervise your employees'mobile use
  • Deploy, configure and update enterprise-wide endpoints
  • Securing the data as well as email and web access
  • Supervise the fleet and set alerts very easily

The 3 main features of the IBM MaaS360 solution

Configure remotely

Deployment of applications and management of their access.
Maintaining compliance

Securing the fleet

BYOD: guaranteeing secure access to one's virtual office.
Erasing data from a terminal in the event of theft or loss.

Controlling the fleet

Identify the terminals and make an inventory of the fleet according to OS and software.
Geolocate the terminals.

Configure all terminals remotely

Thanks to a complete and ergonomic platform, you can visualise and configure all the terminals in your fleet at a glance: smartphones, tablets and computers. You can easily deploy applications remotely, automate these deployments, and push updates to the entire fleet.

Management: Manage your mobile fleet easily from a single platform

Secure your mobile fleet at all levels

Do you want to remotely erase data from a stolen terminal, protect access to your company data, or secure access to email and business applications? Thanks to the duplication of certain critical functions, MaaS360's three software suites (essential, advanced, and integral) offer you all the levels of security required according to your needs. And you are not alone: your Watson virtual assistant indicates the risk factors and suggests actions to be taken.

Peace of mind: Protect access to your company's data, devices and business applications

Manage your mobile fleet

The platform contains all the network, security and hardware information (details on the status of your fleet: OS, IMEI, etc.) required to monitor your terminals.

You can easily identify and report on the status of the fleet according to OS and software versions, geo-locate the enterprise terminals, monitor the fleet and set alerts.

Control: Monitor your mobile fleet remotely at any time

Are you interested in IBM Maas360?

The Nova Group will support and advise you on this solution.

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