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Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) with MobileIron - Ivanti .

What if your employees could connect to company resources easily, securely and from anywhere?

In the age of teleworking, it is becoming increasingly important that your employees haveseamless and secure accesstocompany resources.

The MobileIron - Ivanti solution allows you to protect your devices, applications and all your data by making the mobile phone the identifier and the secure access point.

Ensure a secure connection via Unified Mobile Endpoint Management (UEM)

MobileIron uses the "absolute vigilance" UEM architecture. This guarantees maximum security for companies.

This means that MobileIron :  

Checks the mobile device used

Analyses the user's environment

Checks application and network permissions

Detects threats and viruses

Get a secure workspace with MobileIron - Ivanti

With a secure workspace, access company data from any device. You will be able to isolate business applications from personal data on mobile phones. 


Login without a password 

MobileIron Access allows your employees' mobile phone to be your login to access company resources: no more need for a password.

The user receives a notification on their mobile phone and only has to click on 'Yes' when asked if it was they who wanted to access a particular resource.


Prevent risks 

By leveraging information, you can continuously detect performance issues or threats on devices upstream so that they do not hinder employee productivity or data security. 

Are you interested in the MobileIron - Ivanti solution? 

The Nova Group, as a reseller of MobileIron, will support you in the implementation of this solution. 

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