IBM QRadar SIEM: Secure your IT assets

Identify vulnerabilities and secure your environment with IBM QRadar SIEM

The IBM QRadar solution enables you to detect IT threats to your business and intelligently helps you understand and react to them before they become serious problems for your business.

QRadar analyses your network data, consolidates it and aggregates events to raise alerts. It can be installed on site or in the cloud.

The 4 advantages of the IBM QRadar SIEM solution

Full visibility

The platform provides a centralized view, with data concatenated from logs, feeds and on-premise events in both SaaS and Iaas environments.

Removal of manual tasks

All data is analysed automatically, saving analysts time on time-consuming tasks and allowing them to focus on research and remediation.

Real-time threat detection

Scans are performed continuously and generate priority alerts as soon as threats are detected.

Centralized platform

You will be able to easily integrate other solutions, applications with a quick update of the functionalities.

IBM QRadar protects your IT system better (SIEM)

  • IBM QRadar analyzes large amounts of data, whether on-premises or in the cloud, such as end nodes, users, vulnerabilities, assets, etc., and contextualizes this data to improve threat detection relevance.
  • The solution identifies related activities and provides end-to-end threat visibility across the entire destruction chain. 
  • IBM Qradar shows threat information from IBM X-Force and also additional information if desired from STIX / TAXII.
  • The solution can connect to over 450 integrations and APIs.
  • The self-tuning database can be easily upgraded without dedicated administrators.
  • The deployment is flexible and can be deployed on site or in the cloud .

Are you interested in IBM QRadar?

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