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Letsignit: harmonise your email signatures

Improve your brand image with your employees' email signatures

Letsignit allows you to manage your company's email signatures via a centralised platform to ensure global consistency and optimise your brand image.

Use your emails as a marketing tool by integrating banner ads.

Letsignit is compatible with all major email clients.

office 365

Opt for Letsignit to harmonise your email signatures

letsignin platform

Personalise your email signatures.

Upload your logo to Letsignit and the software detects the colours of your brand and proposes models in accordance with your graphic charter.

Follow the results

Track email clicks and analyse which actions worked best to optimise your campaigns.

Relay your marketing campaigns in your email signatures.

Manage your marketing campaigns: events, new offers, job offers, assign them to the desired employees so that they can distribute them via their email signatures.

Automate the sending

Signatures can be applied automatically in Outlook and users can preview signatures before embedding them.

Easy to use via Drag & Drop


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