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Protect your users and company data from all types of threats.

Secure your devices with Lookout

Discover Lookout's solution with a platform that allows you to quickly deploy advanced protections for all your devices.

Lookout is :

  • leader in mobile security
  • a cloud and mobile platform
  • an approach focused on confidentiality

Secure your IT assets with a scalable platform

Protect yourself against threats

Phishing, access control, mobile security, protect your equipment.

Protect your customers with knowledge of 180 million devices

Lookout allows developers to easily add security protections to their applications.

Choose an intelligent system

Lookout analyses every version of mobile applications to protect them.

Continuously secure your mobile devices

With the continuous analysis of mobile device health, Lookout allows access to data based on a Zero Trust assumption.

Optimal safety protections

Lookout uses a continuous prevention system to limit computer threats. 

  • Protection against phishing
  • Protection of the different vectors: emails, messages integrated into the application, SMS
  • Protection of mobile terminals
  • Access protection
look out security

Protect your mobile devices

By continuously monitoring the health of mobile devices, devices at risk are detected and only healthy devices can access company data.

With Lookout's reports, understand the threats and fix them quickly.

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Use the intelligence of the Lookout solution

Lookout analyses malware and provides an overview of each threat with its potential impact so that you can quickly understand the risks and counter them.

Choose the world's largest network of mobile detectors.

Look out intelligence

Integrate this protection into all your applications

With Lookout you can integrate security protections into all your applications.

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Are you interested in the Lookout solution? 

As a Lookout reseller, the Nova Group can help you choose your solution.

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